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Forget the mess of traditional body scrubs. The Body R&R Body Scrub Bars provide Exfoliation and Moisturization all in a single use bar! Made with 100% certified organic ingredients that provide soft, healthy and glowing skin. 


Primary Ingredients:

Brown Sugar - Natural antibacterial and glycolic acid to exfoliate skin and remove dead skin cells

Cocoa Butter - High concentration of antioxidants that moisturizes skin and decreases appearance of scars, stretch marks and bruises


Other ingredients include oils, berry wax and essential oil fragrance


Minis (3 single use bars)

Large (1 single use bar)


Products expected to ship April 22, 2024

Body R&R Body Scrub Bars

  • How To Use:

    Whether you are starting your day or ending with your nighttime ritual, after cleansing your skin (bath or shower), gently rub 1 Body Scrub Bar all over your damp skin in a circular motion until the bar has completely dissolved. Pat dry. 

    Be careful when exiting the tub or shower as oils can be slippery.

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