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Updated: Jul 30, 2021

We are proud to announce our new website is up and running and ready for you to shop with us.

Want to learn more about Body R&R?

Created in 2018, Body R&R was birthed by Charles and Chantelle Respert, with a deep commitment to healthy and glowing skin. A serious accident Charles suffered left him with abrasions, cuts and several bruises. Chantelle wanted to soothe his wounds and heal his injuries naturally and safely. She created Body R&R in her kitchen, believing that his body could recover without harsh chemicals and lotions that dry out the skin. After applying Body R&R, he instantly noticed a difference in the appearance of his hands, feet, face and every place Body R&R was applied. We began using Body R&R and sharing it with family and friends. The testimonials after one use were overwhelming.

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